Turf Geography Club


In 2011 I launched a video game kickstarter. It was a modest success with $18k raised but more importantly it sparked the interest of VC firms. I ended up raising a seed round of $625k. Turf was a location based monopoly-esque game. Players visited real places, took them over, and then defended them vs no good would be aggressors (other humans).  extra credit video 



I had the pleasure of freelancing at Facebook’s Creative Shop (which is awesome). One of the fun tasks thrust upon me was illustrating a rather large number of stickers. My goal was to try and capture each unique location with a single graphic.



The assignment was to design an entire series of printed posters that would be displayed in an array at Cannes 2019. I was inspired by some of my favorites on Dribbble as well as simply drawing from the ether.

Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal


I was tasked with taking a swing at updating KBS’ branding & website. The strategy I developed was to amplify internal culture. Both by using the site as an ever evolving ‘voice’ of the creatives but also a place to buy sweet company shwag. Maybe it was just an excuse to create pretty totes? 



These are rapid UX mocks that I put together to address minor issues in the current app design. The goal was to give two clear calls to action. My wireframes tend to be of varying fidelity depending on the needs of the team that I’m working with.

Hello Alfred


Not everything that I do is interface design or stickers. Sometimes I get to think in good ol’ fashioned paper. While freelancing at Hello Alfred I worked on collateral and release strategies to get the word out on their wonderful service. How do you generate value awareness when good service is invisible?



Yup that pizza tracker. I was lucky enough to be on the original team of four people at Crispin Porter + Bogusky that dreamed up and launched the version 1.0 of the Domino’s Pizza Tracker way back in 2007. Specifically I was the team’s UX designer.



Windstream needed a facelift of their overall brand which felt, at the time, very much like a dated ‘me too’ product. Bringing illustrations in helped to freshen the vibe for a contemporary audience that was already on a healthy diet of Google.


User Experience, Wireframes, Visual Design, Illustration, Strategy, Ideation, Prototyping


Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flinto, Principle, Indesign, PaintCode

Michael Tseng 2018 — Manhattan, New York